Saturday, June 24, 2006

Books Again

I've borrowed my first Terry Pratchett book, Going Postal. Reading the first few pages, I already like it, it's so funny! The bookshop has a few of his books which I will certainly borrow. Any recommendations what title next?

As for Agatha Christie, I'm sad to say I didn't fully enjoy it as there was too much French which broke the flow as I couldn't understand some phrases. Somehow the plot at the end of the book wasn't as intriguing as Perry Mason. I would give her another shot though, and lower my expectations.


Ron said...

yeah thats the one I just finished - after this, get the books with the three witches - they are really funny. Get Witches Abroad to start with..

Monster said...

I kinda like Mort. It is about Death. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. I would like such a book wouldn't I?

Wyrd Sisters is funny too.
Will see if I have them still and pass it to you when I next see you. But be warned, too much Terry Pratchett can be a put off which was what happened to me. My advice is to pace yourself. :)

jo-bloggs said...

try thud!