Thursday, June 01, 2006

Being Anal About Toilet Paper

I've been observing this for some time now but I've come to the conclusion that my toilet paper habits are a little anal than the rest.

A common habit which I have is that a fresh roll MUST be fitted into the holder with the paper being drawn from the top. And sometimes when the perforated lines of a 2-ply don't meet, that's because the top layer is actually supposed to be the bottom layer, hence you need to remove the top layer by going around the roll until it meets the other layer in perfect perforated symmetry. I can't stand it when the lines don't meet and I have to adjust both layers so that it fits to become one.

Now, the less common habit is that every time I use it, the toilet paper must be the length of 3 squares (according to Cutie Compact Tissue sizes) and that I will fold it twice before using it. The average times it is used is 2 folds thereafter. I can be creative and make it go for more but I won't go further into details.

How I observe this is because here in Malaysia, we tend to get unflushed public toilets and I get to see a lot of balled up toilet paper in the bowl. After I've used mine, it distinctly sits in the bowl, neatly folded. I have yet to come across another neatly folded one like mine.

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Karen said...

LOL! I fold my toilet paper too. And my kleenex as well. Everyone comments how when I blow my nose, my kleenex is always is neat little squares...