Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say Something Spontaneous

Presentations, on-spot commenting, public speaking are not my strengths. Ask me to say something spontaneously to someone for recording, I'd say something stupid. Like when Grace was recording a tape for our cousin before they migrated to Canada many years ago, I was asked to say something to him. And what did I say? "Black" (?!) Why? Because I saw the shadow of the bookcase and thought of the colour when Grace asked me to say anything that came into mind.

Time and time again, I do this and embarrass myself. Dooce was talking about this too and I can relate to her hating the sound of our own voice being played back, wincing each time we hear our blubbered sentences because we become so strung up with self-consciousness.

It happened again yesterday as we had a farewell get together for one of our pastors. My friend who was videoing the whole event stopped me on the way out to "say something spontaneous that comes to mind". Of course, only 3 hours later, I only know what I should have said instead. Dang.

The reason why this topic also is because I'm supposed to be preparing for my sermon for my mission trip. Yeah, we're all supposed to be prepare a sermon. While it comes naturally for some (some bosses come to mind), my style is always say the least things possible, which successfully leaves the listeners totally confused. Perhaps you can find that in my writing at times too. Of course, writing allows you the luxury to re-read, repent and rewrite. And hope no one has read it before you edited it...

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