Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nothing Much

It's been a busy week starting from the weekend. Last weekend, we went away to Awana, Gentings for a church Leader's Summit. Had a great time there and nicely spaced out in terms of activities.

Came back down on Sunday evening and had a short rest. Thereafter, I had to prepare for what I would be speaking in Cambodia. Of course, it's not as easy and it took me several nights in order to achieve a one and the half pager. Hence, I haven't been able to blog much. As other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Today was a good day of rest in a loooonnnggg time. I watched Amelie again and some episodes of Quantum Leap. It was just to be resting at home after a non stop week (and weekend!) for some time now.

And today, my sister watched Superman and has been bitten by the gila bug over Brandon Routh. Check out this website will loads of yummy photos. Sigh... I must say that he looks slightly Clark Kent-ish. Ok, at least that makes him more human somehow and my level of gila-ness has subsided after more than a week.

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