Sunday, July 02, 2006


Brandon Routh plays an absolutely delicious Superman. When I first watched Christopher Reeve, my age was a single digit yet I still had a massive crush on him. So much so that I actually wrote down somewhere that I "cried buckets of tears" for something or other about him. This phrase was later on found and used mercilessly by my sister and brother to tease me endlessly.

This time, again the caped one has made me swoon over his good looks. Perhaps it is because he's the only superhero who doesn't need to mask his face. Perhaps it's his machoness. Perhaps it's because deep down, most folks want to feel as though they have a saviour looking out for them at every trip and fall.

I'm still salivating over Brandon Routh. Where on earth did they dig him out from? Move over, Brad Pitt, you're too old now.

As for the movie, it was ok. It's not something Eric would like, full of mindless action, shooting, bombings, bone breaking stuff. None of that. It focuses on his soft side. Anyways, go watch it. Expect it to be a little slow, though.


Grace said...

I used to love Christopher Reeve a lot too. Pity he isn't around to see his successor. They should have picked a man that looked less like Chris Reeve.

Monster said...

The question that first struck me was when on earth did Superman, the symbol of righteousness and all things wholesome, have pre-marital sex??
And without protection?

As for the hunks in the movie, give me James Marsden anytime!