Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ang Ku

We have renamed Dat Fella to Ang Ku (as in ang ku kuih). Let me explain briefly.

My cousin gave KS and I some roasted chicken, two red eggs and one ang ku kuih as a celebration of her son's full moon. Only Jan was interested to consume it and we were talking about it rather loudly since I was in the kitchen. Dat Fella was sitting just outside the door and meowed loudly whenever we mentioned the word Ang Ku.

Since she looks rather reddish, with a stump of a tail, Red Tortoise seemed like a fitting, bisexual (since we're still not totally convinced she's a she) for Dat Fella. Hence, the birth of the name.

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Here, she is seen cleaning herself up after her very first bath. Although she protested loudly throughout the bath, I suspect she rather enjoyed the attention bestowed upon her. And the short privilege she had of roaming the house freely which she occasionally abuses up till today.

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