Monday, December 18, 2006

For Her Sake

What a great morning! I actually woke up for Line Dancing with my parents. Today they were teaching a new dance step which I learnt the final few steps. Of course, without the music, everything seemed possible but when they danced to the music, boy, I was one confused dancer!

Above all, I'd like to comment on a lesson of love. My Dad has been an avid tennis player and liked nothing better than to take us exercise when we were young. Badminton, swimming, tennis, ping pong, you name it. Unfortunately his enthusiasm for sports and exercise never raised an interest from Mum (and me now!).

Now that Mum is so into line dancing, I can see how Dad really makes the effort to wake up at 6:30am every morning to go line dancing with her. He is the only man there in the midst of 50 - 60 ladies and he stands in one corner while Mum dances with her friends. He fumbles some steps but is determined to dance.

If left on his own, Dad would not go line dancing at all. Whenever my Aunt talks about line dancing, he's hardly as excited as Mum about it. But because he wants Mum to exercise and to keep her company, he does this every single day. This is how Dad shows his love.


Kelvin said...

That is really sweet... :) It is absolutely amazing and encouraging to Irene and me as a "young" married couple when we see an older couple show their love for one another

Karen said... super sweet!