Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Gift for My Parents?

One more day of work... and then I'm on call holiday! Yeah, my boss has allowed me to go on this long leave on the condition that I'm on call. Bummer of a holiday.

Days seem to stretch forth endlessly but judging from the things I plan to achieve this holidays, the time and resources seem a bit too short. Of course, most of the time is allocated to surf the internet and read. What a sociable calendar that lies ahead... NOT!

My plans for when I get back to Alor Star is especially tight. Other than meeting Tsiang and little Eliza and baking, hopefully I'd get the ball rolling for my parents to start putting up the watering system in the garden. My parents were so excited since they went to Canada years ago and saw my Aunt and Uncle having a system in the garden and vowed to do the same so that every time they went away for long periods, their plants would not die.

After hunting for the perfect system, getting Ron to export the timer from Melbourne, running from one Ace Hardware outlet to another just to get that one particular plastic thingamajig, they have coiled the tubes on top of the old chicken run which does NOT need watering. It's been there for over a year now. And almost every time my parents reach home from PJ, Mum will sadly report, "My so-and-so flower/plant died".

I only have about 6 days in Alor Star. Question is, can this be achieved with such a tight deadline?

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