Wednesday, December 20, 2006


On the first day of coming home to Alor Star, I was sleeping the entire morning, ate lunch, slept in the afternoon, ate dinner and slept until the next day.

Today, my last full day of being back, I was absolutely packed from learning how to bake Mum's famous banana cake in the morning, meeting up with Tsiang after lunch for ice kacang and then to horse riding in Sungai Petani with two other friends.

Now I'm bushed but happy that I've managed to catch up with friends whom I haven't seen in yonks.

And tomorrow we head back to PJ. Can't believe I initially thought I'd rot away here in Alor Star with nothing to do! I'd like another week here please. I'm just beginning to enjoy line dancing on a daily basis. I've eaten more veggie than I've ever had in months. And today, Mum cooked OATS to be mixed with rice for lunch! Ugh! So... healthy!

Something about the Alor Star air. Or maybe I'm just enjoying my holidays. Only thing that keeps me from truly enjoying it is the various calls I've been receiving for work. Every working day. Dammit.

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