Friday, December 29, 2006

KS' Revelation

"So while you were away, I met up with Kenneth"

"Oh yeah? "

"Yeah, I was talking about the things you like to do, y'know, the DIY stuff, computer games, reading. Then suddenly, I realised I'm married to ... a NERD!"


Monster said...

Hey, nerds rule! Well it could be worse. He could be a super geek. Being at the cusp of intermediate geekdom, I cannot stress the differences between nerdology and geekism enough. All geeks are nerds but not all nerds are geeks.

jo said...

honey, ks was referring to ME as the nerd. so i'm the nerd, not him. and i'm learning to embrace nerdism since it's more of an honour than being called a geek.

monster said...

OMG, how the heck did I read that wrong.
Look, it is one thing to refer your husband (aka the guy) as a nerd but to have a guy say that you are a nerd is unacceptable, especially if he thinks he isn't one.

Well the exception is of course if one's other half is a full fledge geek, then being called one is an honour, like one is being accepted into the inner sanctum of a sacred club. I am talking about myself, as if this isn't obvious enough. I actually am able to go to Low Yat and understand the product listing now. Oh yeah! Scary shit, right?