Friday, December 29, 2006


Just got back from Singapore yesterday. I'm trying to clean the house and blog at the same time, doing both unsuccessfully but I can't help it! The urgency of doing both is killing (and I won't give you a sen to know which one I'd rather be doing!).

Anyway, I'm glad to see that the number of presents under the tree have grown and KS has not opened any of them until we could do it together. Ain't that sweet? :)

Singapore was great. I know I said we went there to see the lights but actually, it wasn't on our agenda at all. We went to Orchard Road only the day AFTER Christmas as the shops boasted Post Christmas Sales. Unfortunately, it rained the entire day, was absolutely crowded with people lining up to try on clothes and at the cashiers. The sale was mainly for their loyalty cardmembers, clothes did not look appealing and the price tags were still way too high. Give me my PJ shopping malls!

I did see this man take a photo of a huge lingerie poster at the ladies undergarment section on his handphone. He saw me observing him and didn't have the cheek to look embarrassed. In fact, he took his time taking ANOTHER shot. Hamsap man!

The other days were spent walking along small shops in Ang Mo Kio. We were bargain hunting and bought ridiculous things like tissue paper (I kid you not, we bought 8 large packs) and bought up the entire Hang Ten shop. Every day, without fail, we'd buy something from Hang Ten. Maybe it's because Mum has a loyalty card and they gave a further 10% from their reduced prices. No way can you find such a deal in Malaysia!

I love Singapore for it's cleanliness, it's orderliness, the prompt transportation, covered walkways. As soon as we step past the causeway to Johor, the change is very apparent with muddied potholes in the roads, blacked sidewalks from soot, touts shouting their taxi services... absolute chaos. Reminded me of Gotham City. Black and dangerous.

But give me Malaysians anytime. Singaporeans are too rude for my liking. Impatient and intolerable. So, I'm still glad to come home.

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