Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bit Torrent

My colleague introduced this software to me and I finally figured out how to download Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately, when I play the file, it comes out as a sound file and not a visual file! I'm so frustrated! Even though I just uploaded the latest version of Winamp it refuses to play.

I'm still ill but at least I can stay up a bit longer now and had my first proper meal which I promptly purged after half an hour. The chocolate flavoured medicine the doctor gave may be a little mild but I'd rather it mild than have it clamp my entire passage like the last time around!


Kelvin said...

hey jo, you probably should download the appropriate codec to download the video files that you are playing. Here is the link: Also another request, can you turn on the RSS feed for your blog? I typically read my blogs while travelling to work.

jo said...

thanks for the tip!

however, i can't seem to find where i can turn on the rss feed on my settings. or pretend to know what it means! if you could tell me where this is located, i'd switch it on.

Kelvin said...

hey jo, surfed a little bit more on your site. apparently, you are providing rss feeds out in the atom format. here's the link if anyone ever asks you about it ;)