Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Parasite On The Tick

Last Friday, my company, or rather, my division met up for a game of inter department bowling at Berjaya Times Square. It was quite fun with all the cheering and shouting that went on. There were roughly about 800 of us and it really struck me how big my company is. This is not full attendance and this is one of the several divisions of my bank.

Whenever I give my name card, people always gape at the title of my departments. It was only after a few months of being with the bank when I asked my then boss, "What department AM I in anyway?". Unfortunately, my timing for asking the question was in front of my partners who dissolved into giggles. My boss merely shook her head.

I'm in the Co-Brand & Innovation which is part of Marketing & Sales of Cards & Unsecured Business under the Consumer Banking Division. Confused yet? Yeah, I'm the little bug on the slightly bigger bug.

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