Sunday, December 03, 2006

Horrible Hosts

Both my parents and in-laws are fantastic hosts. When you stay with them, you are never in want or need. Both will feed you incessantly even though you've just had a meal or that their fridges are chock full of food.

When you put both sets of parents together, as how my parents have stayed with my in-laws recently, my parents were fed until they nearly burst out of their seams!

So it is absolutely a shocking and horrible fact that their offsprings, KS and I (well, more so I), are truly terrible hosts. I've always known it but the knowing of a fact is never as painful as it is when you are being faced with it.

KS has already gotten over last weekend's visit by my in-laws but I'm still recuperating from the embarrassment and lack of hosting skills we've shown onto them. They deserved so much more than our lack of attention to providing some even basic needs such as breakfast!

Ok, I won't go into details but the only way I know how to rectify this is to host more and more people at our home so that we know what to provide without being asked. Anyone care to be our experiments?

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