Thursday, December 07, 2006

Un-Happy Feet

Everyone said it was good. Some said it resembled Riverdance, and all went away tapping their feet happily exclaiming "Oh, that was so cuuuuute!". Me? I walked away in absolute disgust. Why?

Tell me, would it have taken the world to stop commercial fishing at the Artic if they had seen something as phenomenal as tap dancing penguins? Okay, so there AREN'T tap dancing penguins. But there ARE gorgeous and cute creatures out there in the real world that are going extinct this very moment.

The part when Mumble returned to his clan with the tracking device, I was absolutely sure he had brought annihilation to his entire clan especially when the humans tracked him down. I was half expecting the wreakage of their home with the bulldozing ship and all the penguins scattering in fright and confused anger.

I wonder how many who have watched this movie felt that in real life, the penguins would have died generations after generations until a mere handful would be left before any futile attempt is made to save them?

Let's try something closer to home. What if the movie were made of a cute looking shark, with lovely parents. Then suddenly the poor kid sees his mother with her fin sliced off and left to bleed to death. I wonder, will that stop people eating shark's fin? No, I don't have that faith in humans.

We are like a virus, a plaque that spreads and kills everything in our paths - Matrix. How absolutely true. What are we doing, as individuals, to change our paths of destruction?

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