Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Went up to Fraser's Hill last Saturday for a brainstorming/team building session with my office mates. Since I was the organizer and had to prepare team building games for the entire duration, I was absolutely bushed by the time we were about to return to KL. Hence my silence from blogging for some time.

Fraser's Hill is internationally renowned for its bird watching and jungle trekking. We did none of that, though. The only time we stepped out of the cottage was to visit the waterfall nearby and have a brainstorming session there. So much for seeing the sights!

This project allowed me to see facets of my colleagues that I never would have seen under normal circumstances. Differences were patched up and friendships tightened with honest and open discussions with one colleague whom I was not really close to.

We had heaps of fun up there though, despite the brain drain. We brought the house down with screams of laughter and our boss bore the brunt of our jokes sportingly.

Now I'm still just tired and want to rest until every weary bone is energized again. Sorry, can't explain much either right now... my thoughts aren't very focussed at this point. Good night!

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