Monday, January 29, 2007

Mud Shoveling

This weekend, I have the opportunity to go to Johor to help those affected by the flood to shovel mud from their homes. My church is organising teams to go down for the weekends to help with the massive clean ups.

However, I am still hesitant because I still haven't fully recovered from two weekends ago and because my own home badly needs cleaning up. Jan has already signed up though. The "Martha" in me is screaming, "Just go!" but I know I have to fulfill my responsibilities here first.

The call has gone out to able bodied and tough volunteers for this job, as we are told, requires wheel-barrowing mud and furious scrubbing. Muscles, bones and backs are guaranteed to ache after. And do you know who are the ones signing up? Yes, the girls are signing up. Where are the men?

Just a little side observation, I see a trend of modern girls who are tougher than men, who fearlessly (and sometimes, stupidly) race down highways and who strive for independence. This is the new women of this society.

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