Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tolls, Tolls and MORE Tolls

I hate the toll hikes.

The first day of going back to work, we paid RM11.20 for the tolls to and fro work. Our usual was RM6.20. The reason for this is because thousands of motorists try to take the no toll way which resulted in a 2.5km jam unless we took two extra tolls (which have also been increased) to get to where we wanted. Hence, the additional amount paid to Samy Vellu.

If this continues, I can very well be paying almost 10% of my salary just on tolls per month.

Tomorrow, we will attempt another way to work, through the notoriously jammed Federal Highway. In the process, we try to wake up earlier to leave earlier to beat the jam, hence my grumpiness.

This Sunday, I just read that there's going to be a protest on the toll hikes in front of Sunway Pyramid at 4pm. More details under Comments in under "For Whom the Tolls Toll?"

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