Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First Days at School

At the start of each year, many Malaysian parents will take leave, so that they can take their children to school. For those who have kids just starting Standard 1, they would normally take one whole week to ensure their child fits in comfortably at school.

I remember when I first started school, back in Alor Star in a Kebangsaan school. Mum accompanied me for the first few days but I believe when she stopped thereafter, I wailed and demanded that someone comes to school with me. That’s when Dad started to send me to school and watch my classroom until he had to leave for work.

It never struck me as strange until one day Dad asked me if I wanted him to push me in a pram on the way to school. I looked at him in astonishment and puzzled as to why he mentioned that since I couldn’t fit into a pram by then.

Later, I realized it had already been several weeks (perhaps two months) since school started and he was the only parent standing outside my classroom day after day. Now I can’t believe that he actually did that for me! It must have been most embarrassing for him but he still did it.

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