Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Shoes!

Since I'm supposed to sign up for a gym this year, I have been shopping for my "gym things" in Singapore and back here. Looked for sports shoes in Singapore but most of the sale prices were still high, after conversion.

So yesterday I went to 1 Utama. The first shop I walked in didn't have my size and instead of picking up the phone to check if their other shop in the other wing of the mall had my size, they sent me to check it myself. Of course, the other shop was absolutely ignorant and simply said, "No, we don't have New Balance shoes on sale here".

Skechers was on 40% sale storewide. Unfortunately, the sales girl was too concerned about getting her off-shoulder top adjusted at the right angle to be bothered about serving me. When I asked her to check the sizes for me, she pulled a long face. So I was absolutely glad when the Skechers shoes were not as comfortably fit as the New Balance one and left without buying anything.

So yes, I bought myself a pair of New Balance shoes, at 30% off, from two very friendly and helpful shop assistants in the NB shop itself. One insisted on checking my foot size before he went in to get the size I requested for. Shop assistants really play a important role. Skechers should really sack the horse faced off-shoulder girl.

But all in all, I'm really happy about my purchase. Now I really want to go to the gym!

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