Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is what my boss is emphasizing on this year. As one of my colleagues said, "We must LURVE each other!". I'm ecstatic that he intends to build the team together since I thrive teams working together.

So I've been put in charge of a team building getaway. Next weekend. In Fraser's Hill. Which I have never set foot on. Oh well. About 5 other people volunteered to help me out. Hmm... I don't hear anyone volunteering to help me out on my new product I'm supposed to be working on!

But it promises to be fun. Three bedrooms, 14 people. Three days, 2 nights. Me leading the trekking where people have gotten lost before. Again, I've never been there. If you don't hear from me after the 22nd, read the national papers.

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