Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tree Hugger

I read Karen's blog with interest on the movie An Inconvenient Truth. KS showed me the preview more than a year ago but I didn't know when it was coming out. It has an interesting quote:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his NOT understanding it" - Upton Sinclair

It reminded me of a conversation that took place recently with my boss. I was lamenting about how there are so many people out there who doesn't care about being green, eating endangered species just for the heck of it, wasting paper in the office etc. He then said, "Unlike me, I know I shouldn't be wasting, just that I'm not bothered. Now, those who even realize that they ARE wasting the earth's resources are the worst kind of people."

To that, I retorted, "No, your type is the WORST because you know very well that you shouldn't and you still don't bother. At least the ones who are currently ignorant can be educated and there is hope for them to do the right thing."

He didn't have anything to say to that.

Now I really want to get my hands on this DVD and pass this around to everyone in my office.


Karen said...

Oh, I hope that you do watch it. It will change your life. It did for me. I mean my group of friends have always grown up conservationists so it's just always been a way of life for me but it just makes me aware that I can do better. I am going to buy the DVD also and pass it around (proceed go towards the clean climate org)

Ron said...

I noticed they were actually promoting going green in Malaysia this time round, BUT much needs to be done about shopping bags. I was shopping in IKEA with Jan, Mum and Dad and when we bought stuff they handed us plastic bags to pack our things like lollies offered at a Christmas fete! In Australia IKEA makes you pay 10c per plastic bag you take - that will really make people think. Also, Asian countries have this huge thing about wrapping everything up in plastic bags, right down to bakery stuff which is ridiculous. Mum and I went to a bakery to buy some coconut buns and cream puffs and after putting the cream puffs into little tiny plastic bags, the salesgirl put them into another bigger plastic bag together with the coconut buns (which were already wrapped nicely - in plastic!). I told her not to worry about the big plastic bag - she looked at me strangely and ignored me!
Speaking of DVDs, I have managed to burn you the Rach 3rd with Horowitz using DVD shrink. So...you better give me an address that you want me to post DVDs to. Have you had the chance to watch LOTR yet? The extra stuff is also worth watching if you have the time:)

jo said...

actually, i wanted a copy of the rossini cd you took back. will sms you my address.

yes, the bakeries here are ridiculous. same goes to the grocery stores here. say if you buy eggs and a bar of soap, they will give you two bags. why? because some people are so paranoid that they think the soap will be "absorbed" into the eggs. yes, even if both are tightly packed in their original packaging. i kid you not.

and just last week, i stopped my colleague from ordering shark's fin soup for an upcoming chinese new year lunch.