Saturday, April 07, 2007

3 Hour Journey

Yesterday, I left on the dot after work, at 4:45pm. Yes, I finish work at 4:45pm on Fridays. I was rushing to get to this cake supplies shop to get some stuff as I baked 2 cakes for KS's relatives for this weekend.

I went over to KS' office, took the car, thinking it would be faster and promptly got stuck in a massive jam right until I reached PJ at nearly 7pm. Thank goodness the baking supply shop closes at 7! Then, it took my another hour just to reach Klang. By that time, I felt I needed to reward myself for the torturous journey. And instead, I baked two cakes and did some laundry. Today, I going to have tim sum for breakfast!

It also reminded me why we don't come home early every day from work and would prefer to eat somewhere in PJ before heading home. The jams are so bad, it's not worth it and we'd probably get gastric if we tried to come home to eat.

Have I ever mentioned how living in Klang isn't really conducive when you work in the heart of KL and have most of your activities in PJ? I love the house, the surroundings, my kitchen, my oven, my cat... just sometimes the driving gets to me.

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