Monday, April 02, 2007


I've been slacking on my blogging. Been catching up on my Gilmore Girls Season 5, some nights watching up to 4 episodes and sleeping past 2am even on a work day.

So, now I'm done watching it, waiting for Season 6 from a friend.

Other than that, work has been hectic with a launch this Thursday, whereby I'd have to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to get to work by 7am for the preparations.

Will blog more later. Now that I'm done with Gilmore Girls, I'm trying to start my next Terry Pratchett. But somehow I feel I need a break from Terry and read someone else. Like The Time Traveler's Wife, which I bought last year and is now sitting collecting dust. Yup, taking it for granted since it's not borrowed.

This year, I plan to buy more books to fulfill my income tax waiver quota for books and magazines. I'm wondering if I should get that imported photography magazine or should I just surf the net? After all, my digital camera's not exactly functioning as per my expectations anymore, even my camera phone takes better shots these days.

Sorry, I'm not very focused right now. Okay, going to have an early night tonight.

Oh, one more thing, My Fair Lady will be showing here in KL. To go or not to go? I'll have to figure a way to bribe Mum down for it as KS won't be dragged there alive - he dislikes musicals.

Oh oh! One LAST thing. After my months and months of downloading Gilmore Girls Season 7 with only 2 more episodes to go, backing up every episode with an external hard drive and burning into half a dozen VCDs (yes, I have yet to buy my DVD burner), my friend tells me she already downloaded them all and can lend them to me soon. Bugger. She also has Heroes. Now I need to find someone who has downloaded Ugly Betty and CSI and never bother about downloading series anymore.


Grace said...

Don't buy magazines, they never really teach you anything. If you have a compact camera, you can never expect to get good shots out of them. Want to buy my D70s from me? :D I can give you some lessons when you get here.

jo said...

hmm... very VERY tempting.