Monday, April 09, 2007

Hair Pulling Weekend

This weekend was possibly one of the most stressful weekends ever.

Firstly, I discovered I forgot to bring my overnight bag as soon as we were unloading our bags in Malacca. Which meant I had only what I was wearing and it was in sweltering heat. So, I had to go off to buy undies, clothes, toothbrush. Thank goodness it was only for one night.

Then, we frequently got stuck in the massive jams along Mahkota Parade. Apparently, since it was the Easter weekend and Singapore was on public holiday on Friday while Johorians have Monday off to celebrate their Sultan's birthday, the crush of people visiting Malacca was amazing. Why, you could see the crowd from the front page of the local newspaper, showing thousands of people gathered at some church for Good Friday in Malacca.

We went to Jonker's Walk last night where I tried and tried to look for a replacement for my orange voodoo but none of the shops had the colour combination as mine did. So I came back without my ideal replacement.

Then today, we were craving for some good durians for tea and after getting there, we discovered the fruit seller had sold out most of his durians, except for one plastic container. We soon discovered why no one wanted that one. It was absolutely tasteless! Durian is famous for its pungent smell and taste and this had neither!

Instead, we tried to lift our spirits by ordering some ais kacang to soothe the sweltering heat. The stall owner then told us he had just run out of ais kacang and cendol.

Disappointed, we decided to head home to PJ since Jan had plans to meet a friend at 8pm at church. Since it was only 4:30pm, we reckoned we had heaps of time. Until we encountered 3 policemen who had lesser common sense than cows, dispatched to "assist" the flow of traffic at a non-functioning traffic lights just before the highway entrance.

We were there from 5pm until 6:20pm for the short stretch of about 3 km stretch. Just because the road was curved and the cows couldn't see how long the traffic had built up, they decided to give our side a couple of misses (or they just couldn't keep track of who's turn it was next). I sincerely believe a trained monkey could do SO much better.

It's very very frustrating that we couldn't mow them down as we passed them. Or that we can't call anyone to vent our frustration. Sure, Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Visitors trying to get back home today at the Air Keroh toll in the evening would really think twice about coming to Malacca in the near future.

I need another weekend.

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