Saturday, April 28, 2007

Itsy Bits of Nothing

I read in the papers when there was that earthquake in December that cut off our internet connection here in Malaysia that there was this local singer who was moaning about not being able to blog. He said he blogs every few minutes. I mean, who wants to read a blog that is updated every few minutes? And doesn't he have anything else better to do? He claims his fans would be so disappointed not being able to read his every thought.

Local news: today there is a by-election going on in this unknown town called Ijok. Over the past 2 weeks, the media has gone into frenzy just covering the amount of politicking that's going on there. Suddenly the mega big shots of the both parties make daily appearances. Roads are suddenly paved, everything is cleaned up within the few days. Promises of more schools, mosques and other public amenities are made even though the place was a dead town prior to this election. Mud slinging everywhere, parties throwing race into the picture, "Don't base your votes just because he's Indian or Malay". But then why bring the Malay big guns to anchor the votes of the majority Malays there then?

My eyes are open. News written on the local daily is horrendously biased: "Vote for A not because he is an Indian, he's a Malaysian. DON'T vote for B because he's a Malay". I've never been interested in politics but with great speculation of an upcoming general election, I'm becoming more alert.

Politics is always dirty. Now I really know and see.

New songs: Listening to this new guy called Mika. Very... different. I do like some songs. Some say he's a cross between Queen and George Michael (to which I strongly disagree! NO one sounds like George Michael!). To me, he sounds a bit more like Robbie Williams.

Frustration: It seems that no one bothers about saving paper in my office. Printing is blatant, 30cm tall piles of recycled paper get thrown into bins on a weekly basis. One colleague tried to argue with me "one piece doesn't make a difference". I went berserk and tore into him with such a tongue lashing that my adrenalin was pumping so hard.

One problem is also that we're not allowed to use recycled paper for printing or photocopying. We used to be able to use recycled paper for the fax machine but now, everything is consolidated into one big machine which only feeds on new paper. Even with thinner paper, it sometimes crumples in its rollers, wasting even more paper. So now I do my work writing on the back of used paper before shredding it which will then be used for packaging or further recycling.

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