Saturday, April 21, 2007

Customer Care

This week I had the opportunity to speak to some of our top customers as we were giving away free tickets for a play. It's amazing how some people can be so ... incredible.

Some of them would say, "We are ONLY given 2 tickets ah? Can I have 2 more?" or "I hope you're giving me good seats, otherwise what's the point of giving them to me?".

One got quite bad and sneaky by tricking us into giving two pairs of expensive tickets. "You should give me because of my status (he's a doctor) and my good status as a customer". I have his address and want to go set rats on his compound. And wish wish wish I could say, "Do you need a tissue? You seem to have a little bit more bullshit on your lip"

I also had a job offer from another one. "Are you enjoying your job?" He owns a company that deals with MLM. Thank you but I think I'll pass on this one. Really.

The most interesting one was this guy, who got a little upset when I told him there wasn't a dress code. "What? How can you all organise such a thing? No dress code? That is such a disrespect for the show!"

I tried telling him it was probably because they wanted to appeal to the Malaysians who are a fussy lot when it comes to dressing up for a show. Why, I told him, I preferred to go to the orchestra for matinées rather than the evening shows which require formal gowns.

Then he solemnly told me, "But do you know, for matinées, they cut down on the songs they play?" I could only laugh at him. Sure, I can imagine the last time I went to watch Rach's 3rd and the pianist decided to cut out the 2nd movement just because it was a cheaper show.

Riddikulos! We ended up talking about how Green Peace people would go naked for the show.

Again, I am reminded that I will fail (or go mad!) should I ever go into Customer Servicing line.

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