Saturday, April 07, 2007

Broken Arm

Haha... NOW I'm starting to sound grouchy myself, complaining about everything.

Today, we're heading to Melaka to celebrate KS's uncle's birthday (hence the baking of two cakes). I'm looking forward to it. I need to replace my voodoo doll as it broke it's left arm last weekend.

So on Monday, I asked my boss who happened to have lunch with us:

Me (in total seriousness): Peter, how is your left arm?

He gives me this stunned look and gives a puzzled frown: Er... okay, I guess. WHY?

Me (shrugging): Oh nothing really. But you sure? No aches, pains or broken bones?

He panics: I cannot answer this trick question!

He never found out why I asked. So guys, if you were worried I suddenly turned to the occult, my voodoo is confirmed not a real one, okay?

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