Thursday, April 26, 2007

Musical Instruments

I was just making a mental list of all the musical instruments in my family and realise we probably had quite a lot of unusual ones which other families don't. So here goes:

1. Piano - we all took lessons
2. Organ - our pre-piano lessons instrument when we were toddlers
3. Recorder - we had to learn this in Primary school
4. Accordion - found it in our attic long ago
5. Ukulele - Dad used to woo Mum with this
6. Castanet - it was either this or a triangle but Ron assured me this was more fun
7. Fife - Ron's
8. Chinese Flute - Ron's
9. Piccolo - I played this in a band
10. Tambourine - Jan's, for church
11. Harmonica - we had so many but I don't know why we had them
12. Pianica - I played this in a band
13. Violin - Jan took lessons
14. Guitar - Grace wanted lessons but sold it off. Now Jan and I have one each. Mine's collecting dust.

Did I miss out any? I think it's quite rare to find an accordion and a ukulele these days. Am trying to urge my Dad to pick up playing it again since it's still at home in the storeroom.

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