Saturday, April 21, 2007

Never Say Never

I always tell people that I hate wearing make-up and never go to work with more than lipstick, since I believe lipstick = make up.

But since I bought my tinted moisturizer, I have been using it on and off to work. I've become a bit more conscious of my freckles after:
1. Reading Karen's posting recently about her remembering my freckles on my nose and cheeks from younger days
2. Getting a comment from the Bobbi Brown sales girl who gave me a sample of their liquid foundation "because you have freckles" last month.

I didn't think much about it but something happened to me over this week. I was in the car on the way to work when I realised I forgot to bring my tinted moisturiser. There was a slight panic that coursed through me as I felt... naked. To make matters worse, I left my lip balm at work which meant I couldn't put on my lipstick before I reached the office. Meaning, I had to walk for 8 minutes, in public, bare.

Oh gawd... when did this feeling ever creep into my life? KS said soon I will want to cut my hair short, perm and dye it like an aunty.

But not to worry, towards the end of the week, I was back to my normal self, wearing only my lipstick if I had a meeting.


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Karen said...

Are you kidding me? Your freckles should be something you should be proud of. It makes you look unique. My cousin Angel has it too and I remember praying to God to give me some. Stef has tons of freckles and I keep telling him that he better give our kids some or I'll be very disappointed.