Monday, October 09, 2006

Alor Star Updates

Okay, this is specially for the benefit of jo-bloggs and Khor Ling, let me update you two on what's been happening to our friends from back home:

New parents:
Han Sen / Boon Lee
Alvin Tan / Ming Ai
Khoh / Jessie

Still single and available (any single girls out there, let me know if you're interested):
Kin Hup (didn't catch up with him, not sure what he's specialising in)
Shah (he's specialising in plastic surgery - "preferably breasts", he says)
Ngek (lost a lot of weight and looks really good)

Speaking of Ngek, he was extremely surprised that jo-bloggs just gave birth. What made him even more surprised was that Khor Ling also gave birth like 7 months ago. He never even knew you guys were preggers! Oh dear, our updates are not very frequent, is it?


Anonymous said...

so when's your turn?

jo said...

very funny, grace...

that's one of the questions EVERYONE back home kept asking. even mum's line dancing friend whom i've never met. i, just as rudely, told her, "when i'm ready". heck, i don't even know her and what's her benefit of knowing when? sheesh

Grace said...

Ish it's not me lah.

Ron said...

Ya! As though there's nothing more to life than to have kids! Everyone I've met that has had kids says "Don't do it!" hahahaha...
Go enjoy your life as a married couple first lah - travel etc. etc. Do you remember Michelle (Peter's ex)? After getting married she and her husband saved for one year, then took one year off to tour and work around Europe and UK and she's finally back in Oz and about to give birth any minute now! I strongly urge you guys to do something similar! DON'T get preggers before exploring a bit of Europe or somewhere that you've never been before is my opinion :)
Speaking of pregnancies, Anna is 11 weeks pregnant!

Fuen said...

Jo - I believe Kin Hup is specializing in neurosurgery. & u forgot to mention Ch'ng, i believe he's single & available too.. :):)

& yeah, i think having kids is a totally serious commitment, so only have kids when you're ready & totally prepared! :) enjoy life!

love.. Fuen

jo said...

thanks fuen! your first ever comment on my blog!

yeah, i totally forgot about ch'ng and kin hup did mention neurosurgery some time back.

and grace, i checked and know it's you who left the comment lah... jangan tipu!