Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chicken Feet

A uni friend introduced this tim sum place near my home and I have been absolutely hooked to it. Their prawns are fresh and there is a good variety of dishes.

We've been there 3 times already and even though it is not cheap, I think this has taken precedence over my liking for sushi/sashimi.

And the best part is? I get to eat my yummy chicken feet!

Did I ever mention how I came to eat chicken feet? I was at my friend, jo-bloggs, place during secondary school. We were attending afternoon school back then and before heading to school, she offered me lunch, cooked by her granny. Of course I accepted. However, there was only one meat dish, and that was chicken feet boiled in dark brown broth together with chinese mushrooms. Thank goodness I was eating alone. My despair was apparent but I certainly couldn't starve and be rude, so I had to eat it. And discovered it wasn't THAT bad after all!

So, now I'm really hooked on the tim sum version. Absolutely yummy and KS lets me have the entire dish to myself - he hates it! Oh well, less men more share.

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jo-bloggs said...

didn't realise that. no wonder all the mushrooms were missing! HEE