Saturday, October 28, 2006


For some time now I have been having this restlessness, disinterested in my work, my ministry, my reading... My daily life feels like a facade, going through the motions. Retail therapy doesn't seem to be working but reality bites when my bills come!

In the process of quelching this, I have orbited out of my normal habits by having a new attitude. I'd like to think of it as a carpe diem peppering, a renewed surge of resolutions. Who says resolutions need only come at the start of the year?

So what wheels have I set in motion? Firstly, I have been longing to be able to attend a photography workshop ever since my cousin in Canada attended one to learn how to use their newly acquired SLR. Not that I have an SLR or that I am interested in becoming a photographer, rather, to learn how to brush up and improve my basic photography with my humble Nikon Coolpix.

I've managed to find someone who is willing to teach a couple of us the basics for free. So that's going to happen next month.

Secondly, baking classes. I am still researching on this as I am looking for a hands-on class, to learn the foundations of baking. So far, no yields yet but still I will persist.

Thirdly, Toastmasters. Hmm... the fire for this one has died down as I have yet to find anyone interested to go with me. Solo is still fine but having a partner will help spur me on.

And finally, I am going to update my pathetic make up collection. My colleagues gasped in horror when I told them my set it at least 3 years old, an eclectic mix of cheap, ah affordable brands. "Throw them all away! Imagine the germs residing in your 4 year old foundation and mascara!"

So, in two weeks time, they are dragging me to KLCC to update (or ctrl-alt-del) my make up set for a girly shopping spree. They've been wanting to do a makeover on me for ever as I never wear make up to work. I'm happy to be putty in their hands for this.

Also, I have 13 days leave which I need to clear by end of the year. No idea where to go or what to do yet since KS doesn't have leave, now that he's started his new job.


Karen said...

I barely wear makeup either although must admit that I have really expensive make up and lots of it. This is all courtesy of my mama in law who works in the beauty buying department of luxury department store. If you buy good quality makeup, they usually last longer. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in your own skin.

You have gorgeous skin anyways so if you're a minimalist like me, just look for the following - lightweight tinted sunscreen (clinique and stila have great ones), one good peachy-pink blush, get them to also do a custom palatte for you for eyes (4 colours)that you can play for night and day and 2 different lips - one clear gloss with a pinkish tint (looks really natural)and a matte colour. That's all you really need....No fuss!

For me, work is just some slight blush on sick days and always lip gloss. The other stuff only comes out for weddings and events....

w.e.n.d.y said...

Ah so!! It's you whom I should call when I'm on my emergency leave, shopping!!