Monday, October 09, 2006

Wedding in Alor Star

Just got home from a weekend at Alor Star. My friend, who happens to also be a neighbour, tied the knot last night and SO many old friends came back for it that the wedding dinner sort of turned out to be a reunion of sorts. People whom I have not seen in yonks were there. Ch'ng flew in from Hong Kong, Han Sen, Boon Lee (wife), Wong, Neoh (& wife) from Singapore and many more from KL amongst the usual suspects.

It was good to meet and catch up with some them. It was a night of revelation when we discovered those who had broken off with their partners, those who are already parents and that I felt like I was the only one who put on weight. One looked at me and said, "You're looking well!" and puffed up his face while indicating that I might be pregnant. Sigh. Don't worry, I didn't hit him.

The bride was resplendent and the groom showed his romantic side as he crooned songs to her. A funny moment was when he called all his buddies to come up stage to sing with him and amongst them was one of their fathers. And this dad was so cool, took the stage to sing a few more songs and thanked everyone for coming, as though he was the father of the bride or the MC. The two sons sitting at my table could only shake their head and cross their fingers that their dad would sing the correct song.

Which is when I found out one of my friends whose wedding I didn't attend, sang "I did it MY way!" at his wedding. Oh dear.

But overall, it was great to be home. We spent all day watching National Geographic. Now we're thinking of getting pay TV.


ron said...

Did Chong Kam Poo sing at small Chong's wedding?? Oh my... I remember his karaoke skills when he drove us to school each morning :) It was quite funny especially if after a driver happened to annoy him - he would sing the words "Bloo-dy Fool, bloo-dy fool" to the music of that song (dunno what its called!) "Girl you are the one, you're my shining star, you're my shining sun!" (something like that...)

jo said...

i was waiting for him to sing but he didn't! guess he was too busy playing host.