Sunday, October 01, 2006


Last Friday, my colleagues and I attempted to hunt down THE shoe for me to wear to work with my no-longer-new office suit. We went to Mid Valley after work and looked at every shoe shop in that massive place - and came out empty handed.

Feeling disappointed that she didn't help me achieve my goal, I assured my colleague that this is normally how I shop anyway. I could walk for hours and not find it. Eric, my husband's best man and the guy whom I've been telling stories about in this blog, had walked into at least 15 shoe shops in Sungai Wang with KS and I looking for my wedding shoes. With aching feet and a disbelieving look, he gave the best eye-rolls ever when I explained I couldn't find ANY shoe that I liked.

Instead, I could be just at a mall to meet someone and happened to step into a shop and spot the one. Just that nowadays, I hardly step into malls anymore. That shall be my mission next week, to happen to step into a mall and happen to look at some shoe shops then. Eric, you free?

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