Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Malaysian Police Again

Hmm... it seems that the Malaysian Police Force is getting a lot of PR lately. BAD PR. And I love talking about them because their antics are so beyond stupidity. Oh well, they provide a good source of head shaking in disbelief.

Recently, a Chinese woman was made to do ear squats. She was naked, and doing the squats in front of a policewoman while someone recorded the whole event from a window outside.

The response from the Police Force? "The person who did the recording was in the wrong and should go punished!" And today, censored from the newspapers is a quote from the Deputy Internal Security Minister Noh Omar (source from who seems to have an accuracy for breaking news):

"If foreigners think that Malaysia police are brutal, please go back to their own countries and not to stay here..."

Of course, this is a totally different tune being sung by the PM who's still urging foreigners to come visit our beautiful Malaysia.

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