Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wake Up!

For the last couple of weeks, KS and I have been very bad at waking up early for work. I start work at 9:30am and we take an hour to reach my office while KS is supposed to start work at 9am. We've been waking up at 8am every morning (sometimes 8:30am) and of course reaching office like nearly 11am.

Of course, by Thursday, we'll have to get up at 6:30am in order to leave the house latest by 7:30am so that we work through traffic for more than one hour followed by my train ride and short walk to my new workplace by 9am.

This morning, we were supposed to "practise" waking up early. I completely forgot but was awakened when KS attempted to wake up just before 6:45am. Asking him what's wrong and why he couldn't sleep, I scratched his arm to make him go back to sleep (yes, KS has a "trigger" on his arm that will help him sleep faster). I continued scratching in between naps until it was 7:45am. Only then I realised our goal was to wake up an hour earlier. Great. This is going to be the greatest struggle for us to wake up so early.

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